Super Dust Bunny!

Download the game here: www.appstore.com/superdustbunny

Just released our first game for the Apple App Store called Super Dust Bunny. It has just barely stepped out of it's beta, and is finally available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

More game updates coming soon as well as better bonus feature items. So stay tuned! So...What is this game about? Simply put, the game is about an ambitious little dust bunny whose purpose is to evade an evil vacuum and scurry away to safety. There are a lot of nifty features to keep you entertained including minion dust bunnies that follow you through the levels after collected. They will even sacrifice themselves to the vacuum, clogging it when it gets too close! Now that is what I call dedication. Also, you'll find power-ups like super jump and gears or meatballs that slow the progress of the notorious vacuum. The longer you battle it, the scarier it becomes, until it eventually explodes. Not long after, however, a brand new vacuum comes to take its place and commence suction. So WATCH OUT! Hop quickly little dust bunnies. What else is there to the game? There are a few extra fun features to Super Dust Bunny that make it interesting, including a weekly leader board where players can challenge themselves to stay on top. Also, just from playing, you will receive dust bunny coins--which are found randomly throughout levels. With these coins, you can purchase different hats and accessories from the 'Store' section. These hats have power ups that enable you to retain a slight edge in the levels. Hidden power ups include increased float, flashlight in the 'dark' levels, speed increase, super jump, and many MANY more! Got questions? Feel free to ask us!Got comments? We are always happy to hear what you have to say!