sumo samich

The assignment was to illustrate a recipe...and this is what arose...

2009 summer assignment

balloon kid.

This was the original sketch for the Positivity Prevails strip posted earlier.
...very conceptual...

suicide king: in-class assignment

concept sketch.


summer sketchbook 11

Character studies of Dick and Tracy for a potential story to come...

summer sketchbook 10

Live. Be. Believe.

summer sketchbook 9

addicted to coffee

summer sketchbook 8


Inspired by 2010 TEDprize winner Jamie Oliver:
This series is my attempt to help our national health crisis.

summer sketchbook 7

Even if I was an Oscar Mayer wiener...
...no one would love me...

summer sketchbook 6

Peter Pee Pee

Peter Pee Pee wet his pajamas
When startled by Fajama's

-Joe Rosshirt

summer sketchbook 5

Positivity Prevails

This short strip shows how everything works out in the end when you have a positive attitude. Just remember kids, don't let anything keep you down.

summer sketchbook 4

yellow submarine

summer sketchbook 3

Inspired by the movie E.T.

summer sketchbook 2

Snails are yucky
they have shell
I like snail.

by: Joey Rosshirt

summer sketchbook 1

Not really sure what the camel did to the spittoon...